It’s Time To Exist In Photographs

This is my great friend Kristy. She is a STUNNER but, like other women, she doesn’t think she’s anything special.

My goal was to show Kristy that getting in front of the camera wasn’t as painful as she had imagined it to be and that she IS in fact worth it! All too often, we women are happy to take refuge behind the lens and make sure we capture great images of our spouses and our children, but we are very reluctant to go before the lens for our family and friends.

I have heard every excuse in the book, and I am so grateful that Kristy stepped out of her shell and took my challenge to exist in photographs for herself and for her loved ones. Face it, when we are long gone, our family doesn’t want our jewelry….we want photos that spark our memories and evoke wonderful memories.

Join me today and book yourself and your girlfriends and daughters to your own photo experience …..because you ARE worth it!


Let your beauty shine for all the world to see.

Stay tuned for something BIG coming very soon……Here is a sneak peak of something that I am so very passionate about….

Photography and the Link to Self Esteem and Personal Identity

Raise your hand if you are guilty….go on…stick em up!!

Guilty of what you ask…?

Guilty of taking hundreds of beautiful photographs and leaving them lingering in the depths of your computer’s hard drive. Sheltered from all the world to see…including yourself. What a pity. Well no more – it’s time to stop the madness! Join me as I show you some fun and unique ways of showing off your works of art.

It’s time to get it up on the wall; to be proudly displayed! I recently had a friend commiserate with me in the arena one morning about how her computer had a crash and she had lost everything on it. Thousands of photographs……gone. I was heartbroken for her. I too had this issue happen to me and yet as I sit here writing this, I too am guilty of doing the very same thing. As a photographer I have many nice photos on my walls as you would expect. However for every one photo on my wall, there are probably 500 in my computer that aren’t seeing the light of day. Join me in my resolution to do something about this very common problem (in today’s technology ridden state) and let’s get these images on display. Before I give you some ideas, I want to share something that I came across a few months ago in an online article I read about imagery and our perceived value, self worth and self esteem…it’s a little shocking and after reading it again, I am even more resolved to follow my own advice here and do this.

It basically went like this:  Identity and self esteem are closely related and developing self esteem and a strong sense of identity are very important to good mental health. Your sense of identity has to do with who you think you are and how you perceive yourself. It’s about how you define yourself. Self esteem is how you value yourself. It has to do with your sense of self-worth. Both affect your mental health, your behavior and how you relate to other people. Children get a large sense of themselves and the world they live in by seeing photos of themselves on the wall surrounded by the people who mean everything to them. Children who have a strong sense of identity generally have a healthier sense of self esteem.

That’s pretty powerful don’t you think? I know it sure floored me and it sure made me feel inspired to get this project started. It also made me think less about the fact that I hate seeing myself in photographs…..I much prefer to be on the shooting end than being the “victim” as I call it.

So… are a few of my favorite ideas that I spent some time today looking at. Please share and comment and let me know if there is something you see or have done that you are dying to share here as well. I look forward to seeing some amazing ideas!!

photo clock

I live on the beautiful west coast of Canada and I have the ocean in my back yard….I love this idea for my beach photos!!

beach glass block

heart collage

wax paper wood transfer

And last but not least – for those of you out there with new babies….this is PERFECT!!! So Adorable!!

Monogrammed photo letters

Never has this quote by Aldous Huxley been more true… “Technological progress has merely provided us with a more efficient means of going backwards.” Cameras, computers and photo editing software have all become more accessible to the average person and yet we do nothing with them.

I will keep you posted as to some of the ideas I will try and I would love for you to do the same. Leave your comments with ideas and pictures of your photo projects.

Finding Something Positive in a Bad Situation

On Feb. 16 my mother suffered a devastating brain aneurysm rupture. She had to undergo emergency life save surgery the following day where she then spent lots of time in the ICU. I have a younger sister who lives in Virginia and was absolutely devastated. I knew she would want to be here with our mother in the event that total catastrophe happened (luckily it didn’t) but there was just one problem….she’s pregnant! And not just a little bit pregnant…..she’s 38 weeks!!! Eeeeek. So, letters from social workers started flowing and appointments made with doctors in the states and also with the airlines that would help connect her to our family. Sound the screeching tires….airline refuses to fly her anymore than 2 hours. It’s at least an 8 hour flight not including layovers. So being the stubborn one in the family that I am, I did some research and found the Amtrak train service that would get her to Seattle – close enough but it would take 3 days. Fast forward one week after mom’s accident and I welcome my large and in charge sister, Erin at the ferry terminal and we went to see mom.
It was hard to see her in ICU but she was for the most part alert enough to be happy to see her daughters and the baby belly in the flesh. It was beautiful for me to see my mom react to seeing my sister on Canadian soil again!
Through all of the stress, and having the gift of being able to take beautiful photos, I offered my sister an opportunity to capture her own beauty and document this monumental event in her life too. So after the hospital visits were done for the night, I packed up my lights and camera gear and headed over to mom’s house to take Erin’s photos. It was after midnight and we were both emotionally and physically exhausted but it was sooooooo worth it. Below are some of the photos we took and I am absolutely in love with them as is my sister. I hope to be able to document the birth of baby Oliver in the very near future as Erin’s hubby is away on deployment with the military until November. So while this is super scary and awful to not have her husband here with her, we are family and we find a way to make the best of every situation no matter what life throws at us!!!
I will be entering this photo in the i heart faces photo challenge which has the theme “Smile”. Head to their website to soak up some of the amazing imagery posted by other photographers globally.


Professional Photography for Cients – Part 3 PRICING


If you are like most people out there who are contemplating booking yourself, family or child for a professional photo session, you are no doubt asking yourself why photographers charge what they do. I mean really, all they have to do is gather the group in an intersting pose, point their lens at them and shoot away right?  How hard can it be? Come on be honest….you’re nodding your head right now and dying to know how we can justify charging you what we charge…’s ok – I won’t judge 🙂 (I used to wonder the same thing).

So why do photographers charge so much?

This question is asked a lot!!! And the answer is quite a bit more complicated than you might think. There are two things that photographers charge for that are usually brought into question: sessions and prints. Sme photographers have all inclusive packages (weddings in particular) that also include the digital files. Many do not have this option at all. Some photographers offer only prints, and few don’t offer prints at all. This makes it tricky to answer the question. There are many “behind the scenes” expenses that photographers incure than many people never even consider.

Time and Travel

It is difficult to put a value on time, but if you find your time valuable, you should find your photographer’s time valuable too. Photographers spend lots of time meeting with new clients, returning emails, and answering questions. In addition to time spent directly with clients, photographers also spend countless hours learining new equipment and techniques. Some photographers are self taught and have taken classes, but any GOOD photographer has invested a great amount of time to become what they are. Photographers also spend hours processing images after their shoots. Most photographers figure that their editing time will be at least double that of a session. That means approximately 3 hours to edit a one and a half hour session, or 16 hours or more to edit an 8 hour wedding. This means that paying $125 for a one hour session (my current price) does not equate to paying a photographer $125/hour. Not even close!

Phototgraphers also do a lot of travelling. Whether it be for sessions, or just scouting out new locations, most photographers know where the best locations are, and where they are not allowed to shoot. Most photographers don’t charge for travel expenses unless you are out of their area (usually anything more than a 1 hour drive), so aything less than that is coming out of the photographer’s pocket. When photographers travel to conferences or photography events, those also cost a pretty penny. Many of the big conferences require flights and hotel stays and ome with a hefty price tag of around $1000 USD just to attend. These are also where most photographers learn the most.

Licenses, Insurance and Taxes

Professional photographers who conduct business legitimately are required to carry a buisness license. Most photographers also carry insurance, usually for their equipment and liability. Most professional photography associations also have fees for membership. Photographers with studios will have even more expenses related to insurance and licenses, as well as the actual cost of running the studio. Most photographers set aside about 30% of their income for taxes…..yes you read that right….30%

Equipment and Training

Have you priced a professional camera lately? They aren’t cheap!! A basic DSLR can be bought for a few hundred dollars but that is not what most professionals are using. Professionals can spend thousands per year on equipment alone. Professional bodies and leses cost thousands of dollars. There are also flashes, memory cards, tripods, camera bags, and various other gear, and it’s all rather expensive. Most photographers also have a backup system in case their primary camera fails. Once you have all of this equipment, it has to be maintained too. Professional photo editing software, like photoshop and lightroom, is very expensive. The free editing programs don’t even compare. Training can also be costly. Most photographers go to classes or conventions throughout the year to keep up with the latest trends and technology – not to mention the hours honing the craft of post processing to ensure that they can consistently produce the results that drew you to them in the first place.

Extra Expenses

Wait – there’s more! photographers also have websites to keep up, which means paying for domain names and hosting. Advertising is another big expense, and many larger sites charge photographers to list their businesses. There are other expenses like childcare, food, client gifts etc. You may be wondering what some of these expenses have to do with you, and the answer is nothing directly. However, photographers do need to factor in all of these expenses when setting their session fees and print costs. No one wants to work for free!

Why do prints cost so much?

Now that we have talked about expenses, let’s talk about prints. One of the most common questions we get is why we would charge $25 (or more) for an 8×10 print when you can simply go to Walmart or Costco and buy one for one tenth of that. First, the quality of a print that you purchase from a photographer is absolutely not the same as the quality that you get from a machine at Walmart. Photographers use professional labs for their prints, and the quality is excellent. It is one thing to pay $0.57 for a 4×6 print shot with an iPhone, it’s quite another to pay a photographer to shoot and edit a beautiful family portrait and then lose the quality due to a cheap print. Most labs also make archival prints so that they last a long time. You may be able to score a really cheap canvas, but who wants a canvas that will start fading after a year? Second, you are not paying the higher price for the print itself. You are paying for the time and expertise of the photographer. Most photographers don’t make much from the session fees (if anything at all). Photographers are just like everyone else, they need to make a living. I absolutely love what I do, but I realized pretty early that cheap prices can actually make the photographer lose money. They can also undercut the photography business as a whole, so a cheap photographer is hurting both themselves and other photographers in their area.

“My friend has a nice camera” and other cheap photography

Just about any photographer will tell you that at some point a potential client has informed them that they have “a relative with a nice camera” and that they will just use them. This can be a disaster. When someone buys a “nice camera” and doesn’t know how to use it, bad pictures happen. Trust me, I know. Another point to consider is that the “relative with a nice camera” tends to miss out on a lot if they are stuck taking the pictures. The realtive or friend might miss out on the fun, but they could miss out on a lot more too. Professional photographers know when and where to get the best shots, and most of the time we keep lists to make sure that we won’t miss anything.

Chain stores aren’t necessarily a good value either. They might get you in the door with freebies or incentives but thier print prices can be expensive. Furthermore, you probably aren’t paying for the expertise of a real photographer, but rather someone who has been taught a few poses and is being paid minium wage. Comparing chain stores to professionals is not even like comparing apples and oranges, it’s like comparing apples and hotdogs – they are just NOT the same. Chain stores are about making money quickly and getting the client in and out. You don’t get any kind of personal experience, and your options are very limited. If it saves you a little money, you get what you pay for.

Good photography is not cheap, and cheap photography is not good. Now that you know why photographers charge what they do, hopefully you will see the true value in it! I understand that budget can be tight, but professional photography is such a worthwhile investment if you can afford it. I also offer a flexible payment plan – so everyone can afford to have beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime.

Remember, photography is like any other profession, you pay for expertise and experience, and you get what you pay for.

Tesoros Photography
Twitter: @tesorosphoto


Professional Photography for Clients – Part 2

Have you ever thought about booking a professional photo shoot only to find yourself talking your way out of actually committing to one? Or have you ever gone ahead and booked one, to then find yourself cancelling at the last possible moment? You are not alone!! This is the crummy part of the job sometimes I will admit – but with a little help, I will have you feeling confident and even excited about your next shoot! YES you read that right…EXCITED!! Photos are a beautiful keepsake and while just the very thought of being infront of the lens has you shaking in your boots, I am going to show you everything you need to know to have the confidence to rock your shoot!

There are many aspects of being a photographer that are mysterious to the general public and while everyone handles things like pricing, locations, posing, timing available and wardrobe suggestions differently, I will aim to shed some light for you in the hopes that you will not only feel more confident about your shoot, but you will also be able to choose the right photographer for you.

Photographers De-Mystified

I am not the photographer for everyone – and truth be told….no one is. Beware of anyone who says that they can do it all. You’ve undoubtably heard of the term “Jack of all trades, master of none” and that couldn’t be more true of photographers. There are certain aspects of photography that scare the crap out of me. Case in point – Weddings and newborns. I  am a portrait photographer but I will not photograph newborns or wedding portraits. Not all portrait artists are created equal. Photography is an art and what appeals to my eye, may not appeal to yours. Take the time to investigate local photographers and look on their websites to see if they are consistent in the work they produce – meaning do they shoot consisitently and edit the images similarily every time? If not, this is something to be concerned about. It means that potentially they may not be able to reproduce the kind of image that you were drawn to them for in the first place. Remember that art is subjective – just because you don’t like that photographer’s style does not mean they are a bad photographer. Much like tastes in music…

Posing De-Mystified

The single biggest comment I hear from potential clients is “but I’m not a model – I can’t pose like that – I have no idea what I’m doing – I feel and look so awkward in my pictures.” These are all valid concerns but completely un-necessary with the right photographer. Posing is a very complicated subject and many photographers spend many hours studying and practicing in order to get really good at it. I personally prefer the more natural look when I am photographing children and families. When I’m doing glamour photography, that’s when there is more posing going on. With families and children, you can always tell when the poses are staged and the smiles are forced. Again, these aren’t really bad things if you are ok with that look. I personally prefer the natural smiles and it’s totally OK if the smile isn’t there. Sometimes the deep in thought, or serene look is perfect and capures the essence of the person being photographed. Glamour on the other hand is all about the Vogue magazine cover shot. Let’s face it though, the average mom, teacher, businessperson etc. are not models and have no idea how to pull off that look. That’s where a glamour photographer comes into play. You will receive lots of direction in these types of shoots and the reputation of the photographer is really on the line here so as a client you need to trust that they know what they are doing and know that they are doing everything they can to make you absolutely fall in love with the end result. If you are really uncertain about your posing, looking to your photographer for guidance will help put you at ease and most of us really like helping to direct our clients. I love awkward clients personally – they are my favorite!! I love the look on their face when I’ve captured THAT shot that they can’t seem to peel their eyes off of. For me – there is no greater satisfaction than to take someone who doesn’t see thier own natural beauty and be completely WOW’d by thier end result!

Wardrobe De-Mystified

The second largest concern going into a photo shoot is “What the heck do I/we wear?” As a phototgrapher, so much planning goes into your shoot. Generally you will have a consultation. This goes beyond the first couple of questions of when and where. My job is to find out what it is you want as your end result. Are you looking for photos you want to use a Christmas cards for family and friends or are you looking for a canvas wrap to hang on your mantle? Until we have a clear and defined goal for the shoot, there are many things to consider. If for instance, you are wanting to purchase a large canvas wrap to hang on your wall, I would then ask you to have a look at your decor in your home. Is it contemporary or more modern – what is your colour scheme? Then we can look at the wardrobe for your family. My biggest suggestion would be too dress to match the sofa. You’re laughing now aren’t you? The first time I came across that point I laughed too. But it makes sense. If you have solid colours and clean lines, it wouldn’t make much sense to show up to your shoot with plaids or floral prints would it? Again, these are all things that a photographer should be able to help you out with. There are some hugely valuable tools available to us as well… Like these What to Wear board from Inspire me Babywhat to wearwhat to wear casual

Timing of the Shoot De-Mystified

Not many people give much thought to this subject but it really is a vital one for a photographer – especially one who shoots in natural light. Harsh shadows created by shooting in direct sunlight is generally not a flatterng look for anyone – super models included. This is why when you book your natural light or outdoor studio session, you will likely find yourself there in the early morning hours (sometime around 9-10am) or late evening (3-4pm in winter months). These hours offer the greatest diversity for us photographers. If you like the look of a silhouetted photo or one where there appears to be a slight halo of light around you, these are the perfect hours to achieve these results. Again, have that coversation with your photographer. If you are not an early morning person, don’t fret – sunset hour is called the golden hour for a reason.

Hopefully that has helped answer some of the most commonly asked questions and ones that you no doubt have if you are interested in booking a professional photo shoot. In part 3 of this series, I will blow the doors off pricing for you and answer why photographers charge what they do. If you missed Part 1 in this series Why Families should have Professional Photos Taken you can find it here:

Jackie ~ Tesoros Photography

Professional Photography For Clients – Part 1

Welcome to my 4 Part Introduction to Professional Photography for Clients.

I realize you may or may not have had an experience with professional photographers and so I thought I would take some time to put together some of the most comprehensive information about all of the questions you might have when contemplating a professional photo shoot for your family. This is a 4 part series where I will cover things like: why you should have a professional photo shoot, what to expect from your photographer and your shoot, what to wear, best time of day to book and why, posing and pricing de-mystified etc… So please stay tuned as I help answer the most asked and often unasked questions.
PART ONE – Why Families should have Professional Photos Taken?
Of all the types of portraiture we create, family portraits are the most important, yet the least likely to be scheduled.


Because unlike a wedding, birth of a new baby or a high school graduate, there is no particular compelling time in which it has to be scheduled. So it’s easy to keep putting it off until later.
But all too often – later never comes. You will hear people often expressing an ocean of regret and sadness of not having gotten around to it, only to have something happen that makes it impossible to ever capture the family as it had once existed.

It has been said that the self-esteem of a child is higher if he/she sees photographs of themselves around the house compared to a child who does not. I’m not too sure how factual these words are, but I do see the logic in them. Anyone who sees photos of themselves displayed around the house, the office or on Facebook is likely to feel good that someone else is sharing a picture of them because:

1. The feel loved. The very fact that you are displaying photos of your children and/or significant other for people to see is an act of love and acceptance. Happy families tend to display large numbers of photos in their homes.

2. They feel beautiful. Displaying a photo of someone is an active way of saying “I think you’re perfect the way you are and I want to share you with the world!” It’s also a great excuse to notice those photos and comment on how beautiful, romantic or wonderful that memory was.

3. They feel connected. If the photo is of you with another person, it might bring back the emotion of being with that person or the memory of that moment. Photos prompt our memory, and because we tend to take photos of happy occasions, they weight the memories to the good.

When I see an image, I want to feel something. I want you to feel something. The emotions portrayed in photography can vary greatly. Although these feelings can be felt when looking at a photo without a person, it’s just so much more poignant when you see a familiar face. It may be because people and relationships are the most important part of who we are. Documenting these relationships on film is a way to freeze in time a record of the emotion and a little bit of each person.

The importance of having photographs taken of yourself and loved ones is priceless. It makes me so sad to hear people say they don’t want photos taken of themselves or they are always deleting photos of themselves because they don’t like the way they look. Over the years I have had to come to terms with the way I look in photos. Although, there are many times that I look at a photo of myself and am not happy with it, I have to let it be and keep it. It’s a document, a record of me and the person I was with at that time. For that very reason, I cannot delete it. We delete so many photos, store them on hard drives, and keep them hidden away because we are embarrassed by the way we looked. Photos are taken to be cherished and shared, not stored away and never to be seen again.

Once a photograph has been taken, it becomes a part of our history. Nothing records the past as well as an image.
So, in the words of one of my most favorite photographers…. “Don’t wait till you are perfect. . .You will never be perfect” ~ Sue Bryce~ start digging out those old photo albums and photo boxes and get those photos up on your walls. Stop hiding and start living and if you find you are lacking in family photos to hang or are looking for that a one of a kind experience or unique piece to hang above the mantle, give me a call! I will make you feel beautiful and you will have images you will be excited to cherish and share forever!

You are beautiful ~ Yes YOU!!!

Tesoros Photography
Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series: What to expect in a professional photo shoot…

Knowledge is Powerful

Happy New Year Everyone!!! Welcome to 2014!!!
As we all know, the celebrating and ringing in of the New Year also brings with it a new found sense of desired personal growth and achievement. Some people call these “Resolutions”. I prefer to skip the dirty “R” word and call them goals. Let’s face it, by the time February rolls around, we have long since fallen of the diet, no more smoking, gym going etc. wagon and we can no longer even remember half of the promises we made to ourselves…so I will stick with goals.
OK….I’ll go first and share with you all a few of my goals for 2014:
1. I want to blog more about all things photography
2. I want to grow my business and continue to learn
3. I want to teach you how to be a better photographer/momtog/mammarazza (Dads NOT excluded here)
4. I want to photograph with a bigger sense of purpose – more on this in an upcoming blog
5. I want to change the world through photography. Why you ask? Well I think it’s only fitting to start the year off with a rather lofty goal – I will talk about this in an upcoming blog also – big ideas in my little brain….I’m pretty excited!!!!
But for right now, I want to talk about point #3.
Have you always wanted to capture pleasing memories while on vacation? Have you ever wanted to create more artistic photos, to be excited and not disappointed in the photos that you have taken; all the while enjoying the process? Have you made it a goal this year to take more family/friend/pet photos? Or how about to better the skills you already possess? Did your spouse buy you a brand new digital camera for Christmas? Do you want to learn what makes a photograph really great? Then I have GOOD NEWS for YOU!!! I want to help! For just $9.99 you can purchase my new e-book…hahahahaha KIDDING (but gosh I have always wanted to say that).
In all seriousness, here are 10 very basic principles to get you started. No complicated lingo and no stress…just simple.

1. Close Encounter (not of the 3rd kind)
Having your subject almost fill the frame helps your viewer understand and appreciate your photo. Details are made more clear and interesting compared to an overall view. Sometimes it isn’t made possible without the use of a large zoom (telephoto) lens.dylan
2. Be Quick on the Draw
If it’s even remotely possible that the subject you are about to capture may make a sudden move, fly away, stop smiling or grow tired of waiting for you to take the photo (think babies, toddlers and pets), take the picture right away!
Just practice getting quicker and quicker to the draw. Don’t worry about all the settings on the camera – just take the picture while the opportunity is there.

3. Compose with Care – Fundamentals
It doesn’t matter that you are not likely submitting your photo to a fine art gallery; it still needs to be balanced for its true beauty to shine.
• Keep the horizon level
• Crop out extra elements that you are not interested in or find distracting
• Deliberately place your subject where you think is best suited rather than wherever it happens to land in the photo
• Play with perspective so that all lines show a pattern or lead the eye to your main subject
• Work with the Rule of Thirds
john and jackie
4. Be Selective – Nit-Picky is Encouraged
Photography is an art and like all art, it is subjective. This is your ticket to be both creative and picky in what interests YOU!! Did your in-laws buy you a new cappuccino maker for Christmas and you’ve finally mastered making the perfect cup? Why not photograph that beautiful steaming cup of elixir – better yet, why not make it a piece of art to hang on the wall of your kitchen?! A fancy new cup and saucer, some biscotti and bold placemat or serving tray and Voila!! – art ready to be captured!
Here are a few tips:
• Be sure to keep anything distracting out of the frame
• Focus in on a close up that tells the whole story
• Move around your subject and capture it from different angles
• Be sure to protect your camera and equipment at all times when liquids are involved

water glass experiment 062

5. Focus on Your Subject
Ever wonder how photographers get that ultra-blurred, dreamy background, yet their subject is in beautiful focus? This is called Depth-of-Field (DOF). This is achieved by playing around with the aperture feature of your digital camera. This means you need to let go of the safety net of shooting in AUTO and head out to navigate the murky waters of MANUAL. This by far the most daunting place to go but this my friends is where the magic happens! Nothing ventured = nothing gained.
Here’s a little tidbit for you to get you started:
• Smaller DOF (Small F-stop #) focuses all of the attention on your subject and creates that oh so dreamy blurry background
• Larger DOF (Large F-stop #) will make everything from here to eternity appear in focus. This is best for landscapes
Bub and Mish 5

6. A Moment in Time
One of the most fun components of photography is the element of time. On one hand, we can take an image that happens so slowly we could never see it and the other so quick in real time that we could never notice it. Play with your shutter speed.
Use a slow shutter speed and a tripod to capture a silky image of a flowing creek or waterfall. Or use a fast shutter speed (1/500 and up) to capture an object in motion.
7. Look into the Light
….OK not literally! You do need to be aware of it though. Unless you want a silhouette effect (where your subject is black against an interesting background), it’s generally best to shoot with the sun at your back.
Some things to consider:
• How is the light affecting your subject – are they squinting?
• Is the light shining bright and direct on your subject? This works if you like the bold colors
• Side lighting can add drama but also can cause extreme hard-to-print contrasts
• Indirect light can be used to make your subject glow soft and pretty.
Bub and Mish 7

8. Watch the Weather
If it is overcast – keep the sky out of your photos as much as possible. Your subjects will look quite muted against a grey sky and the sky will add to an overall washed out look. Black and white photos of an overcast sky tend to be much more pleasing.
Make the most of a beautiful day!


9. Don’t be Gadget Guy/Girl
I’m still working on training my husband with this one **sigh**
While it is nice to have all the bells and whistles at your disposal, it’s better to master a basic set up for yourself that works in most conditions.
This doesn’t mean keeping your camera set on AUTO, but rather experiment with some of the semi-automatic features such as aperture-priority and master shooting in that mode.
If you are insistent upon having one accessory, invest in a good sturdy tripod. It will help solve camera shake, take beautiful evening shots and, it will prevent you from becoming the elusive momtog (dads too) by allowing you to get into your family pictures too….just be sure to set the timer on your camera! 20140108-162326.jpg

10. Be Brave….Be Bold
Don’t allow yourself to panic over fear of using the wrong setting. Don’t be afraid to approach strangers to take their photos if you feel there is a story there. Respect them if they say no and move on – after all that was the worst that could happen right?
When photographing wildlife, be sure to observe local bi-laws and tread softly so as to disturb as little as possible. Be wise….but be bold

So there you have it – basic but helpful, I hope. So please go forth and take beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime and please feel free to share these images with me!!

If there is anything you want to learn about in particular, please leave me a comment and I will gladly help you out.
Thank you for reading – please pass this info along to fellow photogs you think will benefit!

May your photographic path be a prosperous and gratifying adventure!

Fun to play around

water glass experiment 062

moon 1


Inner Harbor

Deuce Days 2

Deuce Days 1This past weekend was a pretty big weekend by my standards. Not far from where I live was the Buskerfest as well as the annual Deuce Days with not less than 650 old cars. I donned my camera and joined my family and headed out to see what we would be able to capture. Boy was it busy!!! Some of my photography bucket list items have been night photography and water. Here are just a few of the shots I was able to capture. Thanks to my family for being as patient with me as they were….especially since we had been on our feet for just over 6 hours!!!

Over the Moon with Beloved

Over the Moon with Beloved.