Finding Something Positive in a Bad Situation

On Feb. 16 my mother suffered a devastating brain aneurysm rupture. She had to undergo emergency life save surgery the following day where she then spent lots of time in the ICU. I have a younger sister who lives in Virginia and was absolutely devastated. I knew she would want to be here with our mother in the event that total catastrophe happened (luckily it didn’t) but there was just one problem….she’s pregnant! And not just a little bit pregnant…..she’s 38 weeks!!! Eeeeek. So, letters from social workers started flowing and appointments made with doctors in the states and also with the airlines that would help connect her to our family. Sound the screeching tires….airline refuses to fly her anymore than 2 hours. It’s at least an 8 hour flight not including layovers. So being the stubborn one in the family that I am, I did some research and found the Amtrak train service that would get her to Seattle – close enough but it would take 3 days. Fast forward one week after mom’s accident and I welcome my large and in charge sister, Erin at the ferry terminal and we went to see mom.
It was hard to see her in ICU but she was for the most part alert enough to be happy to see her daughters and the baby belly in the flesh. It was beautiful for me to see my mom react to seeing my sister on Canadian soil again!
Through all of the stress, and having the gift of being able to take beautiful photos, I offered my sister an opportunity to capture her own beauty and document this monumental event in her life too. So after the hospital visits were done for the night, I packed up my lights and camera gear and headed over to mom’s house to take Erin’s photos. It was after midnight and we were both emotionally and physically exhausted but it was sooooooo worth it. Below are some of the photos we took and I am absolutely in love with them as is my sister. I hope to be able to document the birth of baby Oliver in the very near future as Erin’s hubby is away on deployment with the military until November. So while this is super scary and awful to not have her husband here with her, we are family and we find a way to make the best of every situation no matter what life throws at us!!!
I will be entering this photo in the i heart faces photo challenge which has the theme “Smile”. Head to their website to soak up some of the amazing imagery posted by other photographers globally.



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  1. Erin has always been beautiful!

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