Professional Photography For Clients – Part 1

Welcome to my 4 Part Introduction to Professional Photography for Clients.

I realize you may or may not have had an experience with professional photographers and so I thought I would take some time to put together some of the most comprehensive information about all of the questions you might have when contemplating a professional photo shoot for your family. This is a 4 part series where I will cover things like: why you should have a professional photo shoot, what to expect from your photographer and your shoot, what to wear, best time of day to book and why, posing and pricing de-mystified etc… So please stay tuned as I help answer the most asked and often unasked questions.
PART ONE – Why Families should have Professional Photos Taken?
Of all the types of portraiture we create, family portraits are the most important, yet the least likely to be scheduled.


Because unlike a wedding, birth of a new baby or a high school graduate, there is no particular compelling time in which it has to be scheduled. So it’s easy to keep putting it off until later.
But all too often – later never comes. You will hear people often expressing an ocean of regret and sadness of not having gotten around to it, only to have something happen that makes it impossible to ever capture the family as it had once existed.

It has been said that the self-esteem of a child is higher if he/she sees photographs of themselves around the house compared to a child who does not. I’m not too sure how factual these words are, but I do see the logic in them. Anyone who sees photos of themselves displayed around the house, the office or on Facebook is likely to feel good that someone else is sharing a picture of them because:

1. The feel loved. The very fact that you are displaying photos of your children and/or significant other for people to see is an act of love and acceptance. Happy families tend to display large numbers of photos in their homes.

2. They feel beautiful. Displaying a photo of someone is an active way of saying “I think you’re perfect the way you are and I want to share you with the world!” It’s also a great excuse to notice those photos and comment on how beautiful, romantic or wonderful that memory was.

3. They feel connected. If the photo is of you with another person, it might bring back the emotion of being with that person or the memory of that moment. Photos prompt our memory, and because we tend to take photos of happy occasions, they weight the memories to the good.

When I see an image, I want to feel something. I want you to feel something. The emotions portrayed in photography can vary greatly. Although these feelings can be felt when looking at a photo without a person, it’s just so much more poignant when you see a familiar face. It may be because people and relationships are the most important part of who we are. Documenting these relationships on film is a way to freeze in time a record of the emotion and a little bit of each person.

The importance of having photographs taken of yourself and loved ones is priceless. It makes me so sad to hear people say they don’t want photos taken of themselves or they are always deleting photos of themselves because they don’t like the way they look. Over the years I have had to come to terms with the way I look in photos. Although, there are many times that I look at a photo of myself and am not happy with it, I have to let it be and keep it. It’s a document, a record of me and the person I was with at that time. For that very reason, I cannot delete it. We delete so many photos, store them on hard drives, and keep them hidden away because we are embarrassed by the way we looked. Photos are taken to be cherished and shared, not stored away and never to be seen again.

Once a photograph has been taken, it becomes a part of our history. Nothing records the past as well as an image.
So, in the words of one of my most favorite photographers…. “Don’t wait till you are perfect. . .You will never be perfect” ~ Sue Bryce~ start digging out those old photo albums and photo boxes and get those photos up on your walls. Stop hiding and start living and if you find you are lacking in family photos to hang or are looking for that a one of a kind experience or unique piece to hang above the mantle, give me a call! I will make you feel beautiful and you will have images you will be excited to cherish and share forever!

You are beautiful ~ Yes YOU!!!

Tesoros Photography
Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series: What to expect in a professional photo shoot…


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