Over the Moon with Beloved

Bub and Mish Beloved 2013I had my very first Beloved session a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t have been any more happy with it if I tried. I’m over the moon with this style of photography!!! So what is Beloved? I’m so glad you asked! Allow me to explain it for you.
Beloved is a photography session primarily for couples based on experiential invites to get them to rediscover the love they feel for one another. If done properly, this is a 100% authentic experience for the couple and they should be left by the photog to be themselves and hopefully forget that there is a camera present. There is absolutely no posing!! Many of the experiences that the couples are invited to do are designed for them to rekindle that flame they once had and makes them think about what it was about their significant other that made them fall in love. It can also be a great source of therapy and it is so much fun.
I am so lucky to have been able to photograph this couple. Both are performers so it was very easy for them to just be open about all of the experiences I invited them to partake in. They are beautiful people and I was just thrilled to have been able to showcase this style of photography as it is rather new.
You can learn more about Beloved Photography by visiting Jesh de Rox’s website as he is the founder of Beloved photography. You can also visit my website to see all of the photos from this shoot http://www.tesorosphotography.webs.com


Putting Myself “Out There”…..

I LOVE photograhy, I love children and families and I absoultey love business so what have I got to be afraid of….?

As a professional photographer, I am lumped into the category of Artist. This is something I am completely ok with if we are talkng about me and my saxophone and big crowd but we aren’t. We are talking about your trust in me to capture beautiful moments with your children and family and asking to spend your hard earned money to give you astonishing art work that you will treasure for a lifetime. I am opening myself to ridicule and critique in a small town…one in which I was neither born nor raised in I might add….so yeah….I am SCARED!!! But I have this HUGE goofy grin on my face and I dream of shutter clicks and all I think about are all of these beautiful, families I can’t wait to get infront of my lense!! I am so ready for this and the fear is what propells me and encourages me to put myself out there and do what I do best!!!
So world….here I am and I am ready. I am scared but I am ready and I can’t wait to bring you the first of many sessions and wonderful ideas to capture YOU!! Are you ready????

I will be posting dates of my upcoming Valentine’s Mini Sessions….so many creative juices flowing at this very moment and there are only 8 spots available…..You won’t want to miss out on this!! Stay tuned and thanks for your encouragement and love



This is the photo that started it all!!! This is my youngest son, Dylan. He is 8 years old and a real joy. His nickname is Huggy Bear and it is so fitting for him. He is a lover and a real stinker too sometimes. I decided to take him out one afternoon after school. It was a cool and cloudy afternoon but we were on a secret mission and his older brothers were not allowed to come with us. With the promise of somegood “kid fun” and a treat if he was cooperative, we set off to Friendship Forrest and the school playground and had some fun.
This is my favorite shot out of everything that we did that afternoon!!