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It’s Time To Exist In Photographs

This is my great friend Kristy. She is a STUNNER but, like other women, she doesn’t think she’s anything special.

My goal was to show Kristy that getting in front of the camera wasn’t as painful as she had imagined it to be and that she IS in fact worth it! All too often, we women are happy to take refuge behind the lens and make sure we capture great images of our spouses and our children, but we are very reluctant to go before the lens for our family and friends.

I have heard every excuse in the book, and I am so grateful that Kristy stepped out of her shell and took my challenge to exist in photographs for herself and for her loved ones. Face it, when we are long gone, our family doesn’t want our jewelry….we want photos that spark our memories and evoke wonderful memories.

Join me today and book yourself and your girlfriends and daughters to your own photo experience …..because you ARE worth it!