Photography and the Link to Self Esteem and Personal Identity

Raise your hand if you are guilty….go on…stick em up!!

Guilty of what you ask…?

Guilty of taking hundreds of beautiful photographs and leaving them lingering in the depths of your computer’s hard drive. Sheltered from all the world to see…including yourself. What a pity. Well no more – it’s time to stop the madness! Join me as I show you some fun and unique ways of showing off your works of art.

It’s time to get it up on the wall; to be proudly displayed! I recently had a friend commiserate with me in the arena one morning about how her computer had a crash and she had lost everything on it. Thousands of photographs……gone. I was heartbroken for her. I too had this issue happen to me and yet as I sit here writing this, I too am guilty of doing the very same thing. As a photographer I have many nice photos on my walls as you would expect. However for every one photo on my wall, there are probably 500 in my computer that aren’t seeing the light of day. Join me in my resolution to do something about this very common problem (in today’s technology ridden state) and let’s get these images on display. Before I give you some ideas, I want to share something that I came across a few months ago in an online article I read about imagery and our perceived value, self worth and self esteem…it’s a little shocking and after reading it again, I am even more resolved to follow my own advice here and do this.

It basically went like this:  Identity and self esteem are closely related and developing self esteem and a strong sense of identity are very important to good mental health. Your sense of identity has to do with who you think you are and how you perceive yourself. It’s about how you define yourself. Self esteem is how you value yourself. It has to do with your sense of self-worth. Both affect your mental health, your behavior and how you relate to other people. Children get a large sense of themselves and the world they live in by seeing photos of themselves on the wall surrounded by the people who mean everything to them. Children who have a strong sense of identity generally have a healthier sense of self esteem.

That’s pretty powerful don’t you think? I know it sure floored me and it sure made me feel inspired to get this project started. It also made me think less about the fact that I hate seeing myself in photographs…..I much prefer to be on the shooting end than being the “victim” as I call it.

So… are a few of my favorite ideas that I spent some time today looking at. Please share and comment and let me know if there is something you see or have done that you are dying to share here as well. I look forward to seeing some amazing ideas!!

photo clock

I live on the beautiful west coast of Canada and I have the ocean in my back yard….I love this idea for my beach photos!!

beach glass block

heart collage

wax paper wood transfer

And last but not least – for those of you out there with new babies….this is PERFECT!!! So Adorable!!

Monogrammed photo letters

Never has this quote by Aldous Huxley been more true… “Technological progress has merely provided us with a more efficient means of going backwards.” Cameras, computers and photo editing software have all become more accessible to the average person and yet we do nothing with them.

I will keep you posted as to some of the ideas I will try and I would love for you to do the same. Leave your comments with ideas and pictures of your photo projects.


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