Putting Myself “Out There”…..

I LOVE photograhy, I love children and families and I absoultey love business so what have I got to be afraid of….?

As a professional photographer, I am lumped into the category of Artist. This is something I am completely ok with if we are talkng about me and my saxophone and big crowd but we aren’t. We are talking about your trust in me to capture beautiful moments with your children and family and asking to spend your hard earned money to give you astonishing art work that you will treasure for a lifetime. I am opening myself to ridicule and critique in a small town…one in which I was neither born nor raised in I might add….so yeah….I am SCARED!!! But I have this HUGE goofy grin on my face and I dream of shutter clicks and all I think about are all of these beautiful, families I can’t wait to get infront of my lense!! I am so ready for this and the fear is what propells me and encourages me to put myself out there and do what I do best!!!
So world….here I am and I am ready. I am scared but I am ready and I can’t wait to bring you the first of many sessions and wonderful ideas to capture YOU!! Are you ready????

I will be posting dates of my upcoming Valentine’s Mini Sessions….so many creative juices flowing at this very moment and there are only 8 spots available…..You won’t want to miss out on this!! Stay tuned and thanks for your encouragement and love



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